E-Commerce Services


Brand Engagement Strategy & Start Up

Brand identity is a big deal to us because our own brand identity is what helps us connect to our customers. We bring decades of experience to your projects. We know how to think beyond the moment’s biggest trends and create a timeless brand identity that serves your company for years to come.

We have helped various many small to medium size businesses help successfully establish their brands in United States, Canada and Australia and operate successfully.

Our Services include:

1. Brand Design and Identiy

2. Brand Positining

3. Feasibility Study

4. Financial Plan

5. Compliance Consulting

6. Roll Out Strategy

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our efforts are not limited to branding. We also help our customers with various business process outsourcing services out of our branch in Asia that enables our customers to focus on strategy while we provide them an optimal and economical operational support. Some of our services include:

1. Virtual Assistant Services (Email Support, Order Placement etc)

2. Customer Support Services (Email Support, Phone Support, Order Placement and Chat Support)

Digital Marketing Services

Our efforts are not limited to branding. We also help our customers with complete digital marketing strategy and execution of their brands and products. Some of our services include:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Pay Per Click

4. Content Marketing

5. Branding and Creatives

Training & Development for E-Commerce Startups

At 1-4 Group, we believe in giving each and every startup an optimal chance at successfully starting their E-Commerce business. That is why we have put a training curriculum together that is focuses on teaching basic to advanced E-Commerce concepts. Our training covers following basic concepts in the current environment:

1. Setting up an E-commerce Store

2. Positing your products

3. SEO, PPC and Social Media Advertising

4. Inventory Management and Sourcing

5. Competitive Analysis