About Us

Who We Are

1-4 Group in an American conglomerate company based in Irvine, California. The company is known to service multiple industries ranging from e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management services. The company is also home to succesful established American brands.

Our Story

Founders of 1-4 Group come from a long family of leather tanning background. Their families have been in the leather business for well over 40 years catering to the European markets. Founders had a vision to expand their family business into the lucrative north american market. Hence, 1-4 Group was founder in 2010 as a manufacturer and distributor of finished leather, leather apparel and private label contract manufacturing.

Working successfully with wholesale and retail customers, the founders quickly understood the growth potential within the online retail industry and decided to establish their very own online brands. That day and today, the company has never looked back and today is home to not only successful online brands but also provide e-commerce consulting, distribution and fulfillment services to new entrants in the US market.


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